Shots About To Hit The Fan


You guys done?

My ‘wife’ just came home with a selection of english cucumbers for, uh, dinner . & I’ve just about had my ‘fill’ of all this red-pilled cock.


Then get to scootin’ girl!

Don’t be a padoodlehead!


does math

That would be around 210,000 missing ballots

So if that’s the case, would AZ de-certify their election results?

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All of this stuff is uncharted territory on a national level. The phrase “constitutional crisis” is not out of the realm of possibilities at some point this year though. Who knows.

I can’t find that tweet anywhere

This thread is massive, may I get cliffs?

Please and thank you!

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Bc I know it’s coming… Are there other sources for this? I’m sure they’re ignoring it just asking.

51% of all American voters believe cheating happened in the 2020 election. Arizona is doing a forensic audit of Maricopa counties ballots, should be done very shortly. bidens doj and a 100 Democrat lawyers have tried to shut it down but failed.
16% of democrats believe trump will be reinstated, I don’t agree with that. As a trump supporter

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Some waiting to see results

Some reeeeing the fuck out like usual

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So this actually has some legs after all??

Thanks guys



Dude, your interpretation of data is awful. Nowhere was it reported that 16% believe he will be reinstated.

And 51% of Americans do not believe cheating happened.

I wouldn’t be surprised if 99% believed at least 1 person cheated, but that stat is just not relevant.

I took those numbers from a libtard that posted the link take it up with him.