Shots About To Hit The Fan

You’re the dumbest mf’er on here and that’s saying a lot.


All cheaters we know about are wacko, paranoid conservatives like you who cry about how much the Dems cheated without any examples.

Don’t you find that weird?

Ya, great comeback. I’ve never heard that from anyone here before.

Actually, I find it weird that you say I am crying over cheating.

Pls cite one post of mine that supports that. Or, shut the fuck up.

See… it’s not only conservatives who make shit up. You are purty good at that, too…

How many days a week do you see your therapist, bruh?

Here, to help you out… since apparently HuffPo and TPM have gaslighted you …

OK… you can go back to your “wacko” delusional world now… you soft lil cunt, you.

LOL @ 93.1FM WIBC’s twitter account is your source for news.

Are you fucking retarded?

Lying Simon Rex GIF by Simon Rex / Dirt Nasty

Ya, that was the joke, dummy.

Leonardo Dicaprio Ok GIF

  1. First thing that came up in google. I have not idea what the site is… I am not the same level political creature that you are.

  2. It’s not an opinion article, it sites a Pew study.

Back atcha, you a fucking 'tard?

I note that within all the histrionics in your response, you did not actually deny the results of the Pew study. So… we know what the ‘fact’ is… lol.

And btw… that is the ONLY thing you could come back with… nuffing to say about your ‘Democrats have NEVER cheated’ bullshit?.. how’s that pie taste, son?


Fake news!