Shots About To Hit The Fan



whom did they vote for? Do we have that data? Just saying dead people voted in an election is not a revelation, happens every election

They’re republicans, take an educated guess. They were voting to recall that mess of a human Governor they have

Fair play

from Maricopa County?

There’s 2 elections being discussed here, 1. The 2020 Presidential and 2. The California Governor Recall so please clarify which one you are referencing then I can respond accordingly

he is talking about woodland hills CA and the recall - which is a democrat area, and the problem was discovered immediately when voting began and an explanation was given and provisional ballots allowed to make sure everyone’s votes are counted.

sounds like a mistake rather than fraud.

Mistakes put people in jail all the time :man_shrugging:t2:

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Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce the Unbiased, Open Minded, waiting for the audit results before forming an opinion , willim

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“Dude” is a straight up Liar. Unbiased my ass…

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didnt make any comment, just posted an article. i guess i need to put a trigger warning on my posts for my sensitive little stalkers.

after reading through the whole thing right now tho it sounds like all courts have ruled against the state senate and the state supreme court has now endorsed the fact that the documents they are claiming privilege on are in fact public documents and should be released. good, im for more transparency just about always. who knows what the documents will show, i think we know most of the info about who funded this thing already, maybe not idk.

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