Shots About To Hit The Fan

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i have only made legitimate posts in here with relevant information and opinions UNTIL some dipshits start with the attacks and insults then i will respond in kind sometimes because its funny to watch you idiots get all worked up. so i will keep posting whatever i want and you can keep getting upset about it if you choose to, no problem for me.


“By all means keep it up!”

I wasn’t tryin to keep a bitch down! Do you boo!

Any day now


So if nothing happens, will the people clinging to the notion that the election was stolen admit they were duped or will they just brush it off as some sort of conspiracy against them?

i replied to a post directly, if you don’t understand that, I cant help you.

he was talking about Maricopa county in the post i replied to.

oh, so you just want a sounding board for all the people who agree with you? cool, cool, enjoy. Bye Felica!

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If they come out and say there’s nothing to all of this I’ll be pleasantly surprised. I honestly hope that’s what happens. I’ve said this since the beginning.

Pleasantly surprised?
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They’re definitely going to find some shit. More than just a few thousand dead people voting.
Probably not enough to change the results but enough to show something was awry.
The question will be ,are any of you going to accept it ?

It’s pretty clear non of you will.
If you do I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If they find minimal fuckery I’ll drop it and accept it .
I’ll even apologise for questioning any of you snivelling snot goblers that believe the MSM’s bullshit. I’ll write a great big long sincere apology for ever questioning any of you . I’ll refer to you all as sir and King moving forward forever. I’ll never say a single disparaging thing to any of you ever again, no matter how provoked.
Save this post and taunt me with it forever.

Edit. I’m not even asking any of you to do the same. But it would be interesting to see if even one of you has the balls to accept the outcome if it doesn’t go the way you think.

One county probably wouldn’t be enough to sway an election, the point of this audit was to see if there was fraud in one county as was purported then there very well might be fraud in the other county’s where they thought the same. Keep in mind they are just going fishing randomly, they are looking for specific things that were brought up in the affidavits, things that are reportedly to have happened in the other states as well.

This is sort of the canary in the coal mine and I’ll accept their findings. I should have been more specific and said the results of the county. Definitely doesn’t mean we know for sure but I’ll accept it.

They already found massive fuckery in georga without even really trying.

Maricopa county is over 60% of the AZ population.