Shots About To Hit The Fan

So much unhappiness. How will we ever make everyone happy? Is it possible to bitch and moan for one’s entire life?
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Which leaves 40, what’s your point?

You said one county wouldnt swing an election. A county that has more than half of the population definitely could.

At the height of its power, Rome had occupying forces on every continent, by most accounts the most powerful civilization on earth, what happened? It crumbled within. It crumbled for a lot of reasons, the foremost being sustainability.
As it pertains to this thread that I started, it wasn’t to bitch or to complain or to be unhappy, it was to shed light on the fact that there’s millions of people that believe(yes I’m one of them) that our country has been infiltrated and sold out to other interests, other interests that want socialism in our country, a format that fails. So when by affidavit accounts, eye witness testimony and tons of more weird circumstantial components, it appears that possibly our whole election process was circumvented, you either care or you don’t care. I care, and I want to get to the bottom of it, we all learn early in life that when people cheat at sports or work or on their husbands or wives, boyfriends or girlfriends, they will go to extreme lengths to hide that. The actions of the DNC, independant groups and even republicans have reminded me very much of that type of activity, they simply have tried to obstruct and corrupt the process of finding the truth, which makes some people want to try even harder to find the truth. What’s so wrong with that? Nothing is wrong with that, in fact it’s the sort of thing that makes this country what it is, are we free? No, but by most accounts we are as free as it gets as long as we can sustain it. Looking at Dem strongholds and the complete shit holes that they have become should tell everybody everything they need to know about sustainability. I’m anxious to see the results of this audit and the others that have started, I don’t fell at all that I will be surprised at all at the findings, most of the people I know would cheat to get their way in most things, why would that change when it comes to elections? It wouldn’t…




I did not say that, I said “probably” especially because the entire county didn’t vote for 1 candidate.


What’s the story?

Mhmm, if you don’t believe there was fraud that means I believe in the msm.
You’re just as retarded as the DNC sjw’s.

Or maybe the media hammering trump 24/7 for 4 years had an effect on the popularity contest?

Nah, must be a conspiracy theory!

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Today is September 20th, 2021 and nobody can give a good answer as to why the Fulton County Board of elections in GA is being represented by a couple of the nation’s top criminal defense attorneys and not election lawyers who are specialists in elections…

Any more info on this?

All I know is that Judge Amaro scoffed at their criminal defense attorney’s motion to dismiss all of this and told them to show him that there were not indeed tens of thousands of counterfeit votes in the 2020 election in GA. And their criminal defense attorney did not have an answer and did not do so well in court.

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NY Times! Closed case!

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From the article:

"As Coomer’s attorneys wrote in their motion in the defamation suit, “The memo produced by the Trump campaign shows that, at least internally, the Trump campaign found there was no evidence to support the conspiracy theories regarding Dominion” and Coomer.

Even though the memo was hastily assembled, it rebutted a series of allegations that Powell and others were making in public. It found:

— That Dominion did not use voting technology from the software company, Smartmatic, in the 2020 election.

— That Dominion had no direct ties to Venezuela or to Soros.

— And that there was no evidence that Dominion’s leadership had connections to left-wing “antifa” activists, as Powell and others had claimed. "

Per their own memo, the Trump campaign knew their own allegations were bullshit.

But they got a whole bunch of people to believe it and storm the capitol, so bigly win in their book.

this isn’t really news to anyone that watched it happen.

you should be careful dismissing sources out of hand, without looking at the story first to see what the underlying sources are or if its just an opinion piece.

in this case the underlying source is a document filed in court, which has been released - and you can read it and verify for yourself.