Shots needed to enter US after cntrl/sth america?

Anyone know what vaccinations are required to enter the US after central/South America?

Going to Mexico in two days could I get the necessary shots there?

I'm in Portugal atm and getting shots in a foreign country proved to be a giant pain in the ass.When I finally got to the moment of injections they pull out 2 needles when I thought I was getting 4.One is definitely typhoid the other one looks like it says malaria when I asked for yellow fever.

I know when I eventually go home I need a yellow fever vaccination or I think il get put in quarantine. Phone Post 3.0

You won't need anything. I was in Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Came home and wasn't even asked about it. Phone Post 3.0

^^Sweet that's good to hear. Phone Post 3.0

There are some wonderful travel agents that can pack you into the back of a van for a really good deal. 


They hate driving back empty.