Should Angle stay with TNA or return to WWE?

I guess there's some talk of a small possibility of him heading back to WWE once his TNA contract is finished. He'd probably be pretty much guaranteed a lighter work schedule, and more money, but he's also said to be WAY smaller now than he was when he used to be in WWE.

If he stayed in TNA, he'd be guaranteed a top spot, have an easier schedule than anything WWE could ever offer, and his size would never be an issue. TNA would also allow him to keep "training" for his fantasy MMA career, which will never actually happen.

Which way would you like to see him go? Stay on with TNA or take one last run at WWE glory?

I wanted to say it would be good for TNA, too, but knowing them, they'd just put Sting/Foley/Jarrett in Angle's old spot. If he still has some money, he might as well stay where he is.

ArtV -  TNA would lose it's biggest star.  Would be cool for WWE, but not for TNA.  I would actually like to see TNA do better, but a lot of that is so that WWE will get better.

I guess I am undecided as to what I would like to see.  When is his contract up?

I wouldn't say he's their biggest star. Every "big name" (Sting, Angle, Foley, Booker) they brought in have not shown an increase of ratings or buyrates.

Is his divorce official? Thats also going to help decide how much $ he needs. hey theres a reason Christian left for WWe

I'm pretty sure it's final now. Many report that Karen was a big reason for his initial WWE departure the first time around.

at first glance you'd want him back to wwe, but really the only benefit of it would be his checkbook. for his health and future career's sake i'd figure he'd stay in tna.

He needs to stay put, or he won't live another 5 years

Plus, I would miss seeing him working New Japan

grizz632 - He needs to stay put, or he won't live another 5 years

Plus, I would miss seeing him working New Japan

Even an Olympic Gold Medalist can only tolerate addiction to painkillers for only so long. He'll be back on them if he goes back to WWE