Should Barnett-Cormier winner get UFC title bout?

Does Barnett/Cormier winner deserve UFC title fight?

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It has been 15 months since the Strikeforce World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament kicked off, bringing back memories of the old Pride tournaments of nearly a decade ago. Now, the entire heavyweight division of Strikeforce is about to become a thing of the past as well.

Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier are the last men standing, not only in the tournament but also in the division. Since the promotion was acquired by Zuffa in March of last year, the rest of the fighters in the division were shifted to the UFC and the announcement was made that the division was being dissolved following the Grand Prix.

However, the promotion's broadcast partner, Showtime, stipulated that the winner must have one more fight under the Strikeforce banner. So why not have it be against the UFC champion?

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 Yes. They'd deserve it.

No. Phone Post

 As Dana would say, they should be "in the mix".

Maybe a title eliminator fight. 

Is this a serious question? They should get it way before Mir IMO.

Wouldnt be surprised to force Cain back into the title picture, its kinda what they do

I think that since they have to fight once more in strikeforce the UFC should send over Cain (if he can beat big foot) to fight the winner of barnett/cormier for the number one contender. Phone Post

Reed Rothchild - Sure Phone Post
. Phone Post

Sliced -  Yes. They'd deserve it.
This^ Phone Post

Confided - 
Sliced -  Yes. They'd deserve it.
This^ Phone Post

 This ^

I feel like the plus-one is a punishment. You know the loser is going straight to the UFC. Why shouldn't the winner?

In my heart, I think it should be the Cain/Bigfoot winner in an eliminator.
In my head, I think it's gonna be Fedor. Phone Post

My question is how many times does Barnett have to go through getting busted for roids in every org before they stop re signing him

kinda sets a bad precedent considering how Dana is acting about the recent few busts

YES Phone Post

Yes if Cormier wins, no if Barnett wins.

Based on the competition in that tourney, yes. I can see the UFC making a number one contender fight with the winner though.

 No, depends on which guy wins it.  

Josh Barnett hasn't defeated a top 10 ranked fighter since 2006.  He beat Rogers and Kharitonov and would add Cormier to the list if he won the tournaemnt but that's hardly good enough to waltz into the UFC and get a shot at the strap. Throw in his long time problem with passing drug tests and it becomes very difficult to commit to giving the warmaster a guaranteed shot at the UFC belt should he win the tournement.  

Daniel Cormier has done much better, beating Jeff Monson and Antonio Silva in his last 2 and would add Barnett to the list if he were to win the tournament, He's undefeated, is a US Olympian, and seems to not carry any baggage that could bite the UFC in the ass at some point.  Cormier should get a crack at the belt if he wins the tourny.  Of course first he'd have to win the plus 1 fight.  

Josh is a yes for the shot If he wins. Cormier is a no. Phone Post

Sal Penis - Pretty much, all of the top HWs came from Strikeforce but lost in the tourny so that puts Barnett or Cormier right behind Overeem not Mir.

But it's ok because we got Morecraft, Struve, Kongo, Barry, Schaub lol Phone Post

This is exactly how I see it.

if barnett wins then absolutely. i think he ran as good a gauntlet as any other ufc HW who gets title shots. But what the fuck is the plus one for??