Should Chuck Liddell change teams?

I mean no disrespect to The Pit and John Hackleman, but I really think Chuck needs to train somewhere else. It seems like he was figured out on his feet this year, even by guys like Couture and Rampage who started out as wrestlers. I know most people would say he should just go to the Miletich team, because they are the best team in America, but I think he needs to only sharpen up his striking and work on his cardio a little more, his wrestling skills are fine. I think Bas Rutten would be the perfect choice for Chuck because he would be a great teacher and sparring parter for him. Plus they are both in Cali so he wouldn't have to travel far. I doubt this will happen but I really think it would revitalize Chuck's career.

I was thinking the same thing. Obviously The Pit does him very well (it got him to where he is) but rather than changing teams maybe they just need to bring in some other fighters to train with.

I get the impression that one of the main reasons teams Miletich and Quest are so good is because they have some of the best guys in the world beating each other up day in day out. May Chuck could benefit from trying to spar more frequently with people who'll treat him Tito will and Rampage and Couture did.

From what I understand, Chuck is very loyal to Hackleman. He'll never change teams, but he really should work out with some more top talent. Hackleman isn't even an MMA fighter, he's a kickboxer, so I don't know how effectively he can train chuck. Chuck does work with Jon Lewis and I belive BJ Penn on BJJ, but he definitely needs to get more help somewhere.

I think Maurice Smith would put Chuck back on top.

John Lewis would be excellant also.

Either one, would turn Chuck into an absolute MONSTER!

After a month or so with Mo, Chuck would rip Tito apart.

He just had two loses against to top LHW. He doesnt need to change teams just regroup and come back.

Those "losses".........are what SHOWED the whole wide world (and Chuck also) that he is NOT on top of that division, like he "thought" he was, and like alot of other people "thought" he was.

He has his purple in jits from john lewis I believe.


Should Chuck Liddell change teams?


i was thinkin he should train with quest for tito

I think that Chuck does not need to change teams, but he needs to train with people outside of his team as well.

Even Ken Shamrock is realizing this now. Ken Shamrock even admitted that he got too comfortable training with only the Lion's Den guys. Ken said that for his next fight he will train with other professionals outside the Lion's Den.

I know for his last fight. Dana White brought in Matt Hughes and Phil Baroni to train Chuck for his last fight.

he should change careers

LOL @ thinking Lidell only trains with Hackelman.

He also trains at the Lewis/Pedineris school were a shitload of different fighters come to train

I heard this same shit about coture after his two losses, Now everyones back on his nuts, I predict something similar after liddell beats tito.

Since he has a tatoo on his arm of his team and trainer, I don't think he will be changing soon.