Should Dallas loose on purpose?

Right now as it stands Memhis and Dallas are tied for the 5th spot.Whoever wins the 5th spot is likely to play the Lakers in the first round..With that said should Dallas loose on purpose to avoid playing the Lakers, who have dominated the Mavs in recent past?...

I know, I would like to see the Grizz play the Lakers in the first round.Plus the Mavs match up with the Spurs much better than the would the Lakers.


I agree that scenario would be very coward of the Mavs and I also agree that they wont get past the first round.But I was pointing who would be the better match up for them.I Wouldn't put it past Don Neslon to do this.

Btw, Both Memphis and Dallas are tied, with Memphis owning the tie-breaker..But the Grizz play in Dallas Tuesday night and Host the t-wolves on wed..If Gasol plays then I like their chances sewing up the 5th spot.

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