Should Dana just make Brock vs Nog next?

I don't know how that stuff works with contracts and fight obligations and all

but all I know is I would MUCH rather see Brock/Nog than Brock/Carwin!

have Carwin fight Mir

I'd much rather see Nog/Brock and they'd probably make much more money off it too. After that they can set up a rematch with Mir.

I dont care about who fights Brock first I just want to see Brock lose.

Im more confident with Carwin than I am with Nog though.

No, scrap Mir vs Kongo and replace it with Mir vs Nog. I want to see that fight happen even more than Nog vs Brock.

You can make Kongo fight the loser of Mirko vs Dos Santos or Rothwell if he loses to Cain.


I really want Carwin to beat up Brock, but I'd like to see him have 1 or 2 more main card fights first so he can build up his name etc. I think it would be good to have Nog/Brock...then go back to making Cain/Shane for #1 contender.

 I think Carwin has a much better chance of beating Brock than Nog does.

 brock is bigger, stronger and has better wrestling than carwin

that said, carwin could ko brock on the feet

I guess we'll see

I think Nog deserves it first, then let Carwin fight the winner

If not, Nog should get the next title shot

orcus -  I think Carwin has a much better chance of beating Brock than Nog does.

That's basically what I was going to say; Carwin is the better contender right now. He should get the fight.

well, I have to say I'm interested in the carwin/lesnar fight

all of carwin's fights have lasted less than two minutes(minus his first fight, which was under three minutes), with him winning all of them...that's pretty dang impressive

carwin/lesnar v. nog

nog even looked gimpy coming into the couture fight.  who knows if he can ever be 100% again but it would be nice to see him heal up and fight for the title.

Cain vs NOg for #1 contender. It would be a great fight. Carwin is ready to fight Lesnar now. Let it happen.

i'm not sure who has the better chance, but i think in terms of drama and business nog would be a better fight.

 Yes, Nog body isn't getting any younger with all the wars he's had in the ring...