Should Derek Chauvin be considered a political prisoner?

  • Yes
  • No

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Isn’t he on camera kneeling on someone until that person died?
Hard for me to see the politics of it through the facts


If you’re retarded yes.

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His actions imo were wrong, murder 2 though? I can see negligent homicide, hot topic for sure.

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He was kneeling on the shoulder of a man having a panic attack and thrashing around hurting himself, waiting for the emt’s to arrive but the guy overdosed on drugs.


you never watched the whole thing or you wouldnt say something that stupid.

LukeJitsu - “Isnt that EMT the guy kneeling over someone shoving their chest over and over until they died?”

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THe punishment?

Evidently it’s hard for you to see reality through your own bias too…

He should be considered a hero and they should make a statue in his honor.

It’s a stretch to call him a political prisoner, but if you actually followed the trial his conviction on murder 2 (and probably murder 3) was a perversion of justice… Manslaughter is valid tho.

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