Should Forrest have kicked Tito?

First off, I think the decision was fair. It was a 3 round fight, and Tito did
just enough to take the final round. Even Forrest agreed with the

That being said. Forrest could have very easily damaged Tito's leg with
more follow up kicks, and could have very well won the fight. Any more
kicks to that knee, and no more take down attempts from Tito.

Realistically, Tito shouldn't have even been fighting with a torn ACL and
LCL. But if Tito decides to step into the ring everything should be
considered fair game.

Since much of rounds 2 and 3 were primarily stand up, Forrest could
have taken this advantage to win. But I can't help but to respect Forrest
for being a classy sportsman. I liked Forrest, but now he is one of my
favorite fighters in the UFC. The guy brings it like no other.

But it would help to explain Tito's lack of cardio. I doubt Tito was just
lazy and didn't train hard. If not a torn ligament, he had an injury of
some sort that hindered him from training.

Tito should have KICKED FORREST. Oh, his leg was all fucked up. Nevermind.

If he really did tear his MCL and ACL, that SUCKKKKKKSSSS. Man, that guy is doing something in training that he shouldn't, cause his knees are not very happy.

I think a fighter should always attack the weak point, it is only smart. Sure attack his other points as well but come on why are you really fighting if it isn't to win and do damage.

On one hand, Forrest has the right to go after Tito's injured knee. On the
other hand, Forrest seems like a stand up and classy guy. I think it sucks
that Tito fought with this type of injury. He should have pulled out, and
made sure to get healthy first even if it disappointed the fans.