Should Franklin stand with Silva?

What about it? Rich is great with his striking, but as we all know, Silva is a killer too. It would definitely be a WAR on the feet.

Or do you think Rich should try for the takedown and GnP?


Yeah, best bet is GnP. Not saying there aren't other ways of succeeding, but that seems to be the hightest % way of getting the W, strategically.

No way Rich should stand and trade with Silva. I like Rich, but I just don't see him winning this one.

Silva's best chance to win is to not stand with Silva. i don't know why he would do that

i'm not sure how much size difference there will be between these guys on fight night, but if Silva is the same size then Franklin will have his hands full

Don't forget that Silva went to a decision with Jeremy Horn...a ground wizard.

Why are people assuming that Anderson Silva cannot fight on the ground? While his groundgame is nothing like his stand-up game (perhaps the most technical @ 185), he's not Melvin Manhoef...The guy can fight on the ground.

Franklin can GNP, but it's not like he has a submission game that severely outmatches Anderson's.

As a sidenote, Franklin would definately NOT want to trade with Silva.

it's actually a big adavantage for a fighter to be able to go either way with an opponent (ask crocop after randleman, or anyone who's fought fedor). it's MUCH more difficult to defend strikes AND takedowns, as opposed to just takedowns. even if anderson is a better striker, if franklin establishes a takedown threat early, franklin may outstrike him (again, see randleman/crocop). lauzon/pulver is another good example - using takedowns to set up your strikes.

it's like a football team with a good quarterback AND a good running game - they can hurt you with either one, so you never know which one to defend.

A Silva vs Manhoef would be another good fight. Although it might be a rather painful one...

I dont think Rich should stand with Silva. Silva's hands are faster than Rich and im guessing his reach is longer.

"Franklin can GNP, but it's not like he has a submission game that
severely outmatches Anderson's."

maybe true, but we are looking at a decided size advantage, much like
Sherk has over KenFlo.

"It's an ego thing, Franklin talks incessantly about his "hands" so if he
comes out and takes him down he's admitting he's scared to trade with
I think he's in love with his standup enough to trade, but if it starts to go
south at all he takes it to the ground"

This ^ is the stupidest post today. When does he 'incessantly' talk about
his hands? Franklin is and has always been a smart fighter, meaning he
has good gameplans that (22-1) seem to fucking work. He may lose, but
not because of ego. He's in love with his belt, not his standup.

"Silva's hands are faster than Rich and im guessing his reach is longer"

if you meant silva has a longer reach I don't think that is the case (i don't know what rich's measurements are) rich is 2 inches taller and I assumed a bigger frame all around. But I guess we've all seen the shorter guy have a longer reach at some point. Does anyone know the reach for both fighters?

"Rich is better on the ground imo."

...Umm, yeah. OK.

Sure, Franklin can handle himself standing. Pretty even fight on the feet and the ground.

Here's a question for you.
Should Silva stand with Franklin?

If Rich wants to wake up and see a tall Brazilian walking out with his belt then yes he should stand and try to outstrike Anderson Silva.

Touch gloves, then drop to a knee. That makes sense. Then Anderson couldn't kick him in the head. Very good idea.


"he said himself he plans of standing and trading and if it doesnt go his way he will take the fight to the ground. i dont know whats there to debate anymore"

The problem is that Anderson may light Rich up so quickly that there wont be any chance for Rich to take it Anderson down.

I think Rich's best option is to try and go for clinch and takedown right away!


I am new to MMA. Who is this Rich Franklin character? He must really suck!!! How did he become the UFC champ if he sucks so bad? From the sounds of it he better have brushed up on his BJJ with Royce Gracie because you guys seem to think he has no chance with that Anderson guy standing.


Ace ain't no freaking chump!!! He is a super explosive well conditioned athlete. He will do whatever he needs to do to win that fight. Remember when he beat the crow down with one hand and one leg? That makes him super tough in my book. But all anyone wants to talk about is the knockdown. We all know he hits like a Truck! What if he puts Andy to sleep with one of those bombs? How about that?!?!?!