Should Gina be ranked?

Now's a bad time for mma rankings because there are so many poorly informed mma fans out there---most of the time, it isn't even in bad faith that they are so inept. However, despite the uneducated masses, I ask pose this to them:

should gina be considered for a spot in Your top 10 p4p fantasy rankings?

uh NO!

i swear to god i though the title of this thread was "should gina be naked?" i was about to post my "hell yeah" on here.

 i'd rank her an 8 at the weigh ins

someone beat me to the "gia should be naked" comment. but it's still true.

she's #1 in the hotness/toughness ratio rankings

I would seriously allow her to unload on me for however long she wanted until she gassed out and I could take advantage of her.

As a fighter, she's not anywhere near the top p4p because she only beats people she is much larger than.

 As a woman fighter in a separate category, of course.

I thought that said "skanked"

 rankings are subjectal and stoopid


1. Tara LaRosa

2. Megumi Fujii

3. Yuka Tsuji

4. Takayo Hashi

5. Miku Matsumoto

6. Roxanne Modafferi

7. Ana Michelle Tavares

8. Hitomi Akano

9. Gina Carano

10. Amanda Buckner



just like rankings for posters here in my book









 on purpose im doing this for gina