Should GSP Move Up to 185?

After this performance, there is noone really at 170 that would provide real competition to GSP.

Should he move up to 185? This would solidify his standing as P4P best.


he has to now

No. Welterweight is the perfect weight class for him.

No matter how many times people type out this fantasy on the Internet as though it was realistic, it's never going to happen.

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people don't HAVE to move up or down in weight if they don't want. he knows he's best at 170. why would he want to move up in weight and possibly start losing? he's not an idiot...stay where you're at your best. BJ moved up and lost some fights. a lot of fighters that move up in weight don't necessarily do great. why chance it?

He can't even finish 170lbers. The guys at 185 would wreck him...

BrownPride_in_LoganClark - he has to now


"He can't even finish 170lbers. The guys at 185 would wreck him"... You sir, are an idiot...he just wanted to embarrass an over-rated, arrogant cunt. peace

A good test for him at 185 might be Mark Munoz, or Chris Leben.


well if he moves up he said he will be moving up for good.

I'd like to see him fight in both weight classes but I don't think that will happen

Stay at 170

 after the Shields fight, yes he should (if he wins)

 Moving up would be a mistake. If its working perfectly... why start making adjustments?

If he moves up he will start knocking guys out.

Well obviously he should't consider it one bit, given that he's doing great at welter.  Ideally though, Id love to see him test the waters with a Leban type or Bisping at 185.  See how he does and if successful, move up to guys like Munoz or Akiyama.  All of those fights could be exciting.     

He should move up to 177.5. Silva should move down to 177.5.

I don't see Bisping as an ideal test since he has the potential to make a fighter look bad. I see Leben or Stann being an ideal opponent to test the waters at 185.