Should gsp retire. Is so why

I think he still has more fight in him. I would hate to see him beat Johnny then retire. What do you guys think? Phone Post 3.0

So for the typo. If so why? Phone Post 3.0

It's time. He has beaten the whose who in the sport, and has nothing left to prove if he beats Hendricks. Step aside before you wait too long and let the young up and comers take a crack at the title. He doesn't need the money, and has done more for the sport of MMA than the sport has done for him.

Nothing left to prove, his teammate is gunning for thr title as well, and from the sounds of it, it seems like he wants to settle down and maybe start a family. But I agree, it'll suck if he retires

I think GSP is a few steps behind where he was before he tore his knee out.   I think GSP is smart and wants to go out on top.

He will eventually lose if he keeps pushing the envelope and as it is right now he is IMMORTAL in Montreal. He can make more money off of his name in the future if he doesen't give up a loss and get sucked back into the sport where he will rack up 8-9 more losses and lose all future residual income. 

If he's got enough cash and he can let go then good for him. Who would want to end up like some of these guys? There's a lot of life left after fighting. Phone Post 3.0

If he's talking retirement, he should retire. As soon as your heart isn't in it, you're likely to not prepare quite as hard, and if that happens, you're less likely to stay elite. If he's going to give it 100% I'd rather he step aside and let the rest of the 170 pounders kill each other to be the next star.

I'm sure he's in a position to have very good employment opportunities elsewhere. I hope he goes out on top.

That would suck Phone Post 3.0

Either he retires or changes weight classes. Phone Post 3.0

If he retires... he retires Phone Post 3.0

Hope he sticks around for a few more and catch Andy's title defense record.If he loses, I would like to see him come back and try to win the title again and then retire. Phone Post 3.0