Should I Become a HS Teacher?

Pretty sure OP is a liberal and one of the people some of y’all are ranting against so I think he would fit in well teaching the youth of Canada lol.

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I’ll stroll in like this

if u teach advanced classes youll be ok
or private school

Those that can’t do teach

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I had a professor that told us,

Those that can do.
Those that can’t teach.
And those that can’t even do that, administrate.

You’re quite a liberal so I say no, there’s enough stupid people teaching kids…we don’t need another

My friend told me his, step mom was a secretary for the head of the DOE on our island. He made 100k about 30 something years ago which is like 400k today. He delegated all his work and played solitaire on his computer all day


Lol this. We need less retards in these positions

Sounds about right

This is one of the stupidest phrases that gets repeated on here.