Should I buy a new car from Kevin Barbers?

As most of you know Kevin spent a few weeks training with the best car salesmen and is working for one of the top east coast dealerships.

My family is growing and I’m looking to move out of a small sedan to a full size, so why not kill two birds and get a great deal on a new car while helping Kevin support his career of helping others.

“w” thoughts?

You could probably trade him magic beans for one.


I heard that with every car purchase he will throw in one complimentary blowjob.


not bad denzel GIF


does he really work there? or does he just show up at the place and they give him coloring books to play with?


As long as you get a goofy video out of it as well as a rock bottom OG discount price.

Also don’t think it’s a bad thing to help out high functioning autistics.



I don’t think @Kevinbarbers1 has been diagnosed as an aspie. Kevin can you confirm or deny?

I’m out here grinding while you can’t stop thinking about me. My goodness.


Still using your same lane ass lines? Grow up kid!

@Kevinbarbers1 are you looking to make a sale or not? Let’s chat on the phone tomorrow.

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Hey troll. You do realize he was fired for the car dealership right?

You didn’t think this would be a normal transaction did you?


Back to lying again shitbag? A giant thread about it on here…get some help for your mental illness.

No clue what your talking about
Also Threads that I haven’t made

What’s your obsession here?
I read the other thread, you’re up kbarbs ass.
Your angle is not funny and completely unoriginal.
I normally wouldn’t comment on this type of garbage, but I think you’re a scumbag and a piece of shit.
Cheers mate


You’re a POS. You even made a completely psycho song about it dipshit! You probably got numerous restraining orders issued after that song.

never did I get fired. Your talking about back in December when I made some money gambled my money got depressed and quit.

@Kevinbarbers1 i asked multiple questions to you about your car sales and you asked to speak to me directly. Let’s connect tomorrow morning over the phone and we can work out a deal for a new Ifull size sedan.