Should I buy a new car from Kevin Barbers?

Name names jerkwad! If that isnt alex, then who is it?

Not sure so not saying…but I have an idea. Same goes as to who the stalker is.

Patience, young padawan…

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I’m not a doctor so I don’t need patients!

Now you tell me who it is or else I’m gonna have @ABCTT_TFK_Mr.Smiff bone you in the keester!


My anus is ready for Smiffy, but I’m not pretty enough. Wanna be my stunt-butt?

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No way bro! It took me months to get smiffster to stop trying to bone my bum!

I got your PM.

You’re right! That absolutely is who the pics belong to. He gave it away in that one tweet!


Try Hard GIF by Rosanna Pansino

Nobody said that.

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Lonely No One GIF by Tacoma FD

@Kevinbarbers1 hey my man where you at? Are we gonna do this call so we can talk prices?



Kevinbarbers, sup homie. still rollin kevinbarbers?

long term, big picture, real scene

Quite a few new posts in here. We got a sale yet?

If you two fucking idiots want to deal with each other just do.

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I’m trying but @Kevinbarbers1 is so busy selling Hyundai’s that he can’t make time for me :sob:

@Kevinbarbers1 you know I can afford it.

Starting to like this guy

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Hes hilarious lol. Hes been cracking me up for like a week now!

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Will someone sell this guy a car already. I’ve got an 07 Ram 1500 I don’t need. How’s 3k sound? Roll up windows, A/C don’t kick on til you get up to about 35mph, 215k miles.

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Thanks for the offer but I have my eyes on that Hyundai Tucson :heart:

@Kevinbarbers1 bro where are you at?

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