If you wanted to buy one XBOX game in the month on June what would you pick. I get XBOX mag which makes me think every games great so Im confused. Im thinking its going to be Driver 3, which is released June 21. What would you guys choose in this predicament. Im a RPG fan but nothing grabs my attention for the month of JUNE. Plus im thinking Driver3 might be better than GTA.

I may get Driv3r also, but I'm going to wait and see the reviews - at best it may rival GTA, but at worst it could be an even bigger disappointment than True Crime (so much wasted potential in that game....)

True Crime was good, but not worth 50 bucks. True about the wasted potential. I'm torn between Driv3r and Spiderman 2.

The trailer for Spidey 2 was fantastic - unless the first few reviews report massive bugs or else a playing time of 5 hours, I'll be getting that one quick ;-)

Im almost positive its going to be Driver3 its got that much potential.

Rypani goto block bust and get that lots of rentals for one price shit. DRIVER IS SO BAD ITS FUNNY! It really sucks

LOL, it has to be bad, if it's worse then True Crime.

lol damn I was the first one on here to say Riddick would be awesome. So Im 1 for 2

i heard Driv3r got really shitty reviews