Should I buy Mac or PC?

Partially to kind of "think out" my own decision, I'd like to hear some opinions.

I'm in the market for a new computer. I have been torn between buying a Mac or building my own PC. New G5 PowerMacs were announced today (single processor, 1.8 GHz) for $1500. Otherwise, I'd probably build an Athlon 64 system.

Here's the rub. I love OSX. I think it's the best OS on the market. I also love Apple's hardware design. On the other hand, I would like to play games, and I could build a pretty kick-ass Athlon 64 system for about $500 less than the PowerMac.

Make up my mind for me.

make up your own damn mind.

if you don't play much games or need Windows-specific software, Macs are better.

otherwise go with the Ath 64.

Build your own system and save the cash

"make up your own damn mind."

No way! That's what the OG is for.

Mac. It's worth the extra money.

You get better security, stability, usability, many more configuration options if you want them, but you don't need to use them. Aside from games, you can get just about any software that's on Windows, or an equivalent. And there's a whole world of great free software that Windows users can't tap. There is a decent selection of games too, most of the really popular ones are available on OS X. You do have to wait a while for them to be released sometimes.

After using OS X on my main computer for like 9 months, I was working on my Windows box in my office and it was totally annoying.

I have never once had a system hang or crash, except when I installed some bad RAM, and when I spilled water on it once. I leave it on or asleep 24/7. In 9 months, the only time I rebooted was for some OS updates that forced you to reboot. And of course, without having to change any settings from the default install, you're immune to just about every security threat there is, except for if someone tricks you into running a malicious executable program that you have to download to your hard drive first. And even then, since there is no root user by default, you would have to sudo it and enter your password for it to do any real damage aside from wiping out your home directory.

I use both. Macs are pretty lame and expensive.

Go with a Mac unless you're a masochist and want to spend at least half the time keeping Windows stable or secure (and that's a good average).

if you own a PS2 or XBOX get the mac, if not get the PC

bob hir....gaming choices aren't that simple

If I didn't play PC games more than console games I'd have a Mac right now.

I'd go with the Mac...

Personally, I think Macs are much better, but I would never own one. I rely too much on software that isn't available for the Mac, as well as sharing files in a business environment, in which everyone else is on PC.

"Aside from games"

That's a big aside. $500 isn't peanuts either. If you have virus protection, do your updates, install spybot and adware, and aren't stupid about opening attachments, security isn't THAT bad. Here at work, ~85% of security problems are from people who turn off their updates or do something stupid.

I'd vote PC.

Buy the Mac, pirate a copy of Virtual PC and play the games not released for Macs in that emulator.

I know you're just kidding(?) but Virtual PC is crap.

I have a 1.25 Ghz Powerbook with 512 megs of ram, and I couldn't play solitaire on Virtual PC with acceptable frame rates and response time. With more memory, basic things run pretty fast, but it still can't do directX.

I very very rarely have any problems with my PC.

This is a religious topic. I should move this thread to the HolyGround.

In my department we have many people who use both Windows and Macs. (For training purposes they have to use both at least at an intermediate level) I'd say 85% of those people prefer Windows for various reasons.

As for me, I leave my machine on 24/7, (for over 2 years now) and only reboot when an update forces me to. I have no problems with stability. If I want to run open source or Linux-only software, I either use Cygwin or my Linux partition. There are pros and cons of using by far the most widely used OS on the planet. I believe the pros GREATLY outweigh the cons.

At this point I'm leaning toward the Mac. Originally I was going to build a new PC and buy a Mac notebook in the future, to take advantage of both worlds. I dunno.

" This is a religious topic. I should move this thread to the HolyGround."

I know it was kind of rotten of me to do, but the conversation has been remarkably calm!