Should I dual major?

Here's the deal, I'm 24 (started college seriously late, no motivation didn't know what to do) now I'm majoring in TV and Film at Hofstra University. The deal is I started this semester, (I have a tranfer of 66 credits from Nassau Community College), as TV Video and Buisness. The thing is when I was registering for next semester, I found all these AVF classes that were actually useful in another major. Now I have to switch, and most of my credits for this semester aren't worth a dime bag of shit. Should I dual major in Audio Visual Film, and Buisness just to save this semseter. What do you think.

Dual major if you intend to be employed in the two different industries. No other valid reason.


Dual majors will make you look more motivated to future employers.

Statisticaly speaking, people who have multiple degrees at the
same level do not make any more money long-term than single
degree holders at the same level.

Conclusion: Having multiple degrees at the same level does not
make one any more employable overall, & is therefore not worth
the investment in time, money, effort, or reduced performance to
"make you look more motivated."

It is only useful in opening specific doors, But it won't make a bit
of difference in the long run financially.


Reasons to double major:

  1. You want to be a professor and want a more varied background. This is one of the "specific doors" djdb talks about. Math background will help you as a physicist (or any science) for example.

  2. You like the challenge.

  3. You like both majors and would take them as electives anyway.

  4. You can't make up your mind.

  5. Some majors will make the second major easier because you are repeating the same thing.

Reasons double majoring is bad:

  1. Won't make more money (djdb is correct.)

  2. Don't like to work extra. (djdb is correct)

  3. Tuition money is hard to come by. (djdb is correct)

  4. Extra work makes performance suffer (djdb is correct)

wouldn't it depend entirely upon the majors in which you are taking? I'm thinking about a finance/accounting double major.

i'd stick with business to be safe, double major or not. my friend did tv and film at usc and he's working odd jobs to make a living. he told me if he could do it over, he'd do a major that is more employable outside of the film industry.

i am thinkinkg math + computer science, I am equally close to both...