Should I get a new gi?

Should I buy this new gi.  I currently have 4 gi's but a couple of them are pretty beat up and I train about 5 days a week.  The only thing that is stopping me is I'm dropping $800 on an automatic gate opener this weekend.  Should I be fiscally responsible and save the $145 or go ahead and indulge myself? 


Normally I would always promote the joys of shopping, but in this case I must differ. Last month I grappled with a new guy wearing a new black gi, and it put grey marks all over my expensive Toraki gi pants. The markings have not washed out even after several washings. Thank-goodness we're in a sport where strangling our classmates is socially acceptable.

Get that gi and buy a black hood so that you can complete the ninja
outfit. Very cool.

Only white gis at my school for beginners.

When you join the Black Belt Club, I buy you a new Blue Atama.

Black Gis are for instructors only.


Is that the black gi or the green gi? I got the green gi for christmas, it looks pretty cool, although the blue one is my favorite..


I think Alvis just called me a beginner.  I suck. :)

Yes, it is the army green top with the black pants.  I think I need to give Rob some more things to goof on me about.  I was thinking about getting the red but I heard the bleed on everthing for a while.


Hi Alvis

Is this gi colour restriction just for your school or for your association?

I have a team mate with the red gi and it doesn't bleed at all.

what ever you do , dont buy the mizuno gi. Its for judo, my wife bought it for me. Its double weave and everything but is to freaking big- even after shriking it down via industrial dryer. I acutally got collared choke from within the guard of a white belt. ( i have never even been close to getting coller choked in the past) It would have never happend with any other gi. I bought a much cheaper atama gi and have no problems now. Although, my wife wasted money on the mizuno gi.

Koral gis do not bleed. We have a high standard on how to make a gi and we have the coloring process down . It took to us over a year of working and testing to come out with the right process. We are still the only real pre-srunk gi on the market .

Army Green ( OD Green ) still my personal favor color .

The new Koral camouflage gi will be out by March .

yeah dude, you need a new gi. you've been looking a bit shaggy lately. ha ha. go ahead and shave that flava-sava too!

We can't all be as good looking as you Travis.  If we were then there would be a lot more instructionals/gay interest videos on the market.


thats awesome awsolis!

i have a white GI and was thinking about buying a black one that i would use JUST for tourneys?

anyone else do this?


Automatic gate opener? C'mon you don't really need that!!! :) Rodney, I'll try to make your decision a little easier. Give us a call at the shop and I'll give you free shipping on your gi. 310-370-0116 Ask for Gilberto. Later

I don't know about all tournaments, but some (like pan ams and mundials, I think) only allow white and blue.


I would never say you suck, I have a feeling that you are going to get really good at defending kneebars :)...Gilberto sounds like he is giving you a great deal. Buy the gi! Be a man and open the gate yourself.

KDTA, the gi color restriction is just for my school. I am planning to start affiliate school in the future and will suggest the enforce the color restriction as well. My students really like the idea. Plus they all like the new gi once they join the Black Belt Club.

Gilberto, I sent you an email on 12/28...did you recieve it?


Alvis, Rodney used to open the gate himself prior to the knee surgery, he's gotten soft since then. First the gate thing, next he won't be busting Robs' chops anymore!


Thanks for the clarification. I think its a good idea and another goodie for students to reach for. At my club I think its a bit too late as we have people with red, black, blue, white and even camo gis on the mats...

From: rene.r

I don't know about all tournaments, but some (like pan ams and mundials, I think) only allow white and blue.

You can use Black , White and Blue colors gis at CBJJ Tournaments ( Mundial, Pans and Nationals ). I believe more colors will be allowed soon .

Alvis, you can reach me at 310-3700116