Should I get a new gi?

TT: be careful. Some tournaments won't allow black gi to be worn unless you are a black belt (e.g. Relson's).

I like the unbleached old school look!


What colo gi do you think Rodney should get?

Hey Rodney, I have the red gi and so does one of my students, and it hasn't bled yet..

Koral are the best gis on the market and Gilberto and Co. have the best customer service!


i always advice people to buy a color gi (blue) that way they wont look so dingy when you train. my white gis look funky so i switched to the non bleached gis. you are allowed to wear any color gi as long as it does not bleed onto another person's gi. making someone sign up for BB club just to get a blue gi is weird to me. but if it works for you cool.

Whoops, JJprogear is correct:


"Colours may be black, white or blue, no combined colors (white kimono with blue pants, etc.)"

I just placed my order for the Army Green Koral and the 101 Sumbission DVD Chapter 2.  I will be the best dressed guy at Machado Dallas.  :) 

MarcoH, I think Rodney should get one to match the belt he has. I have never seen a belt that shade of purple before. At first I thought it was pink. I thought, "man, there's no way some dude in here is wearing a damn pink belt" LOL Sorry Rodney, I know you love that belt it just takes folks a bit to get used to it! LOL Hope you like the new gi! Give a review of that DVD when you get a chance!

I am a total "new gi addict". I have 2 white ones (pride, atama), a blue (swain), a black (warrior one), and 2 unbleached judo gis (pro-force). That doesn't count the dozens of karate gi's and modern arnis uniforms, either. I just can't stop. I bid on another one today on Ebay.


i politely disagree about Mizuno gis. my parents gave me the Double Deluxe for Christmas (now called Supreme) and I couldn't ask for more from a kimono...i LOVE it...just my opinion. btw, which Mizuno model did you get? thanks.

I have Two HCK, 1 Comp Single and 1 Comp Double, and have just ordered the new Gameness Gi and Koral (both blue). I'm a true HCK fan but wanted to explore my horizons and bit the bullet on this order. Got my fingers crossed that I'll like them.

I had an Atama and a Machado and ended up selling them to new guys in class. I also gave two HCK Comp Singles to a couple (husband/wife team) that was down on their luck and money was tight.

My wife was glad to have the free space in the closet again. Yeah. I haven't told her about the two inbound.


Whatever you do do not order anything from!

I ordered a gi on 12/10/04 and still have not received it. They sent an e-mail stating they shipped it on !2/17/04. I e-mailed them 7 times already and they will not reply to them. As to where it is, i have not the slightest clue. They have a tracking number and wont even let me know what happened. Plus the phone number on the web site does not work. THEY SUCK ASS and ripped me off for $165. Jiujitsu pro gear and nhbgear are very fast. never dealt with Koral but I think that they use mmagear. Very unprofessional on their part and If anyone has a way I can get a hold of them please let me know so I can find out what happened?


Go ahead and be flashy, man!

A-4 is for giants.  I'm a wee man or I'd take you up on it. 

Stop by at the shop and we will exchange it for you. Please make sure It is brand new ( never used or washed )

We are located at ;
4646 Manhattan Beach Blvd, suite A
Lawndale CA 90260
ph# 310-3700116


"I don't know about all tournaments, but some (like pan ams and mundials, I think) only allow white and blue."

The Arnold\ Gracie in Ohio last year was blue or white only.