should i get butterfish tonight?

or watch star trek?

i dunno...

i thought this was a thread about steph lum

i believe i'm gonna do bof.

busts out da karaoke mic

did someone say "butterfish" and karaoke

Make sure you order Miso Horny Butterfish and pass on the Kim Chee Butterface

Imma gonna see Star Trek @ midnight in IMAX...finally!

fuggin star trek was sold out at ward. mutha fuhkahz

did you go by yourself? on a Saturday?

so the day of the week is supposed to generate a friend for me. not likely. :(

im always down for movies! me, meat and blake probably going tomorrow, ill text you.

sounds good man.

I heard star trek was a solid movie

ANa how was the Imax worth the $$$$ ???

hg star trek convention tonight? LOL

after the movie try the butterfish at doraku(sp) its the best i've ever had.

this thread went from "butterfish">startrek>realbutterfish

^^^sorry its pass my lunchtime and i have a one track mind right now.

Trek and ish sounds like a great combo

NECKCRANK808 - I heard star trek was a solid movie

ANa how was the Imax worth the $$$$ ???

Star Trek was solid & @ $15/ticket well worth the extra $5 for IMAX. I saw Watchmen 2x in IMAX. However they only show Star Trek in IMAX @ midnight on Fri & Sat nights (so tonight you are out of luck). The picture quality and rocking sound of IMAX may be worth waiting until next weekend. Eat butterfish tonight.