Should I get some CZW tickets?

I feel like watching just for the trainwreck value.

10/24 is Tournament of Death, and 12/12 is Cage of Death.

I'm leaning towards Cage of Death on 12/12, right in time for the holidays.

Is it as bad as it looks in the videos?

I just want to see some idiot throw himself through a window or get a broken light tube shoved in his face.

Shit, I pretty much made an identical thread a year and a half ago.

Any new opinions?

I'd say yes. Especially if the tickets aren't expensive.

Remember to bring a cheese grater and stapler from home so they can use it in the ring.

nice cheese grater:

Would you suggest front row, regardless?

I'm thinking it'd be about $30 or so.


Their site doesn't have prices up yet, but that's what they seem to be for the regular shows.

If front row are $30, I'd recommend getting those.

If your going to go the extra couple bucks is worth paying to be front row.

 bring an airhorn

If you don't make at least 1 sign with a PWF reference, you need to turn in your membership here.

I did it, and I want others to follow my lead.

I was hammered last year at COD. It was great. Cheerleaders is the place to pre game, hit up nickels tavern down the road after.

COD has been a joke for quite some time now....was it last year with the terrible botched love CZW b/c I love violence but if your gonna take in 1 show...its gotta be the TOD!..I was @ the TOD the year Mondo took that insane bump off the top of the arena...Ive been hooked ever since.

Yes it was supposed to be an exploding cage and zandig hit gage? Maybe with the mother f`n bomb on the top that was supposed to explode the cage or something and none of the pyro worked except for like one little m80 that popped and puffed a tiny cloud of smoke like the size of a water balloon. It was like something you would see on a cartoon.

^ lmao

Are they still not allowed to use light tubes in PA?

Sure, why not, somebody will actually bleed out at this years TOD, 2 near misses last year, maybe zandig will push them all the way

^ Heh

Don't ask me why, because I can't really tell you, but I've taken a particular dislike towards Mr. Nick Gage.

Ever since I saw the following video, which was taken after he was suplexed onto a flaming table and subsequently burned, he's been the center of my dislike for ultraviolent wrestling and the fools who partake in it.

 Here's the original incident-

That Zandig fellow must be a hell of a guy to be able to convince these people to do this type of stuff to each other.


You'd have to give me at least $15,000 and ALL medical bills paid to do one of thos TOD matches.

$20, a couple Keystone Lights, and a crackwhore blowjob behind the port-john isn't gonna be enough to get my ass in there.

BigWig, I know you said it on another thread, but I don't remember....did you say you worked for CZW before?  Like in-ring work?

If you ever have, what is it like to fall onto a light tube?

Does it hurt like all hell, or is it one of those things that LOOK way worse than it actually is?  I ask that because I've seen them to some really crazy shit like light tube coffin death matches and all other types of stuff using loads of them duct taped together to create even bigger impacts.

Zandig does not own czw anymore, he just recently sold it to one of his workers, dj hyde. I have no idea how a lighttube feels, i wouldnt ever do that shit. Most hardcore thing i did in czw was an ariel assault match. Its on you tube somewhere. I get splattered with a dive from this like balcony thing. I got paid double that night:-)