Should I have bought the fight?

I opted out on this one since it was their first PPV (to my knowledge). Was hoping low sales would make them think twice about going PPV. Sounds like I missed some good action, and a good bit of BS as well. Anyone care to summarize the whole evening?

 It was a free show not a PPV.


Huh? This was a $29.99 fight on PPV per my guide. WTF?!

Also, was Nick respectful to his opponent after defeating him? He better have been after all that weigh-in crap.

Bemin befuckin' wit me :(

 I watched it up here in Canada on The Fight Network (costs 3 bucks a month :) ), but as Monsters Ball said it was on Showtime like it has been for a long time now, with the exception of the one CBS show.  Definately wasn't their first PPV.