Should I join the Italian Mafia?

I have an opportunity to join Michael Franzese’ inner circle and be part of his crew. For a small monthly fee, I’ll become a member of la cosa nostra. If things work out, maybe I’ll become a made man. Michael and other made men will have to refer to me as “a friend of ours”.

Should I do it?

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I think you should stay in school, but thats just my opinion.

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I think you should do it, and continue to post everything on here. The mafia is old, and would be impressed with your tech savvy

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Forget about it

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Consider maybe just infiltrating the mafia so you can destroy it from within, yes?

I’m trying to decide if I should join Franzese’s crew or Sammy the Bull. I could join both but most mob guys are with one family. I’ll prob go with Franzese because Sammy is more likely to ask me to do a hit. I want to be more a racketeer than a gangster.

‘You’re the disease…and I’m the cure.’


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I say go for it…what’s the worst that could happen?

Mafioso are scum. No exceptions. Even my own kin. Disgrace to the name.

I think it’s a great opportunity

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