Should I? - Rampage/Liddell Bet

I'm thinking of betting on Rampage for 3 different props; these are from Bodog:

Round 3 - Bet $100 - Win $900

Round 4 - Bet $100 - Win $700

Round 5 - Bet $100 - Win $500

I'd be betting on all 3 (risking $300), should I?

sounds alright if you willing to risk the money.

do it!

f@ck it, why not. it beats your wife spending the money.. thats alot of table dances!!!!

NightSwimmin - Bad Bet, I have been betting for a long time and have made some good money on MMA.

You feel Rampage is going to win by the $300 you are willing to wager. The wager you are making is like betting a horse Win Place Show.

Why not put the $300 on Rampage to win as Rampage is +200 so wager your $300 to win $600 plus your $300 back which is exactly what you would win back if it ends in the 3rd.

You feel Rampage is going to win so bet your $300 to win.

I am making the same bet $300 on Rampage to win $600 plus my $300 back. Total $900