Should I re-roll?

Who's in a solid guild on a solid server that wants to take a ubernoob like me in off the streets of Azeroth to teach me how to raid like madman. I don't mean putting up with homosexuals like some of the guys we deal with in SL on the frostwolf server. I mean a real raiding guild with people that are not assholes.

I'll roll either faction on any class except shaman or priest. I'll spec whatever, don't care. I can easily crank out a 60 before the expansion pack.

This is my application. Help a newbie out.

Man as near as I can tell there's only one dick in this guild, one and a half tops. For a guild with 30+ 60s in it that's not bad at all.

Six is pretty cool, never had any problems with him so far. Does seems a bit dry with this humor, thats all.

Honestly Sean, I dont think you'll find any good raiding guild that will take you until you are ready to raid. Getting a few chars to 60 isnt enough I'm afraid.

You need to be keyed, attuned, and geared as well have a little idea of wtf to do in instances/raids.

(something you should have been doing with the rest of the tards over the last few months imo)

lol, gotcha bitches!!!! :-)

I knew it all along. You're no Stevew there Sean. :)

I cant make the raid tonight either, gonna wait till Sundays run.

I may hop on later if Ernesto doesnt knock the power out.

I'd go but warrior needs a new pair of shoulders

pvp grind