Should I rewatch shogun and gusto??

Cause I didn't think it was 30-27 Phone Post

go for it

It was def 30-27. Very competitive, but Gustafsson always did a bit more than Shogun in each round.

i thought the first round was very close and could have gone either way but the second and third round were definitely for Gustafsson.

i completely disagree with the judge that scored it a 30-26 but atleast they were consistant becasue there was alot of 10-8 rounds last night

1st round was closest I think. Phone Post

Yea yea. I may b totally wrong but when I watched I thought he won round one and maybe kinda sorta coulda eeked out r two. And then got smashed in the third. But although shogun looked like shit I still think it was very competitive Phone Post

Should've been 29-28 all across. Phone Post

I thought Shogun just edged the first but Gustafsson won rd 2 and 3

Watch it again. . 27 30 all day. Phone Post

I thought Shogun won the second but Gustaffson clearly won the first and third. Wasn't really any question who won Phone Post

Strength - I don't get how people can say Gustafsson won the second round clearly, then say the first round was debatable

Shogun had a better first round then Gustafsson supposedly had a second round

In the first, Shogun had one takedown, Gustafsson had one takedown

Shogun also defended a takedown.

Shogun's sick half guard sweep transition to leg lock attempt should have given Shogun the edge in the grappling. That leg lock was tight too

On the feet Shogun landed the better strikes.Gustafsson's uppercuts weren't finding the mark cleanly

The first round was very close indeed, but Shogun earned the round based on the facts.

I don't see how any one could give Gustafsson the first round just because it was close

That would be like saying, the patriots only won by a field goal. It was too close so let's give it to the other team instead

No if you win you win. Shogun won the fist round without a doubt

The debatable round was the SECOND round

Shogun was owning the first half of the second round when he had the gas. Landing big over rights at will

Unfortunately Shogun gassed out and then Gustafsson won the later half of the second round

That's why the second round was close, because Shogun gassed. Shogun was winning it until he gassed

But even then, I feel Shogun won the second round due to landing the cleaner and harder strikes of that round

Gustafsson's punches weren't hurting Shogun either, but they weren't landing as cleanly,

And plus Gustafsson did nothing with his takedowns in that round. They were simply to score points

Shogun edged out the second round due to landing the harder and cleaner strikes

Yes, Gustafsson ran away with the fight in the later half of the third round beccause Shogun was even more gassed and was fighting poorly

Gustafsson finished stronger.

As a whole Gustafsson won the fight by a good margin (because of the 3rd round) but many dont seem to understand that based on the round by round scoring in the UFC, Shogun should have won the fight due to edging out the first two rounds


When Shogun had the gass he looked like the better striker and better grappler

Gustafsson won due to his chin, cardio, and game planning

Exactly how I felt. Gusto won I guess but based of the 10 point scoring system. I think shogun could have won. Phone Post

demcat - 

Cause I didn't think it was 30-27 Phone Post

Yea I was real close to making this thread. I'm not a Shogun fan but I was rooting for Shogun.

I actually looked at the RD. by RD. scoring of several sites this morning. A couple gave Shogun Rd.1 but most gave it to Gus. To me it was a 10-10 or a 10-9 for Shogun.

All of them Gave Rd.2 to to Gus and I guess I'll need to rewatch that round.

I was really surprised by the scoring overall.

On a sidebar Gus has a FRIGGIN CHIN!

crap, I kept expecting him to at least stagger but he did not. Shogun knocked out lots of guys with the shots he put on Gus. He hit him clean and hard with overhand rights.