Should I start BJJ to help my judo

I have been doing judo for about two years. I find that i am far better with stand up, and want to learn how to become a better grappler. Will bjj add to my judo ability or is it that a totally different style. I am going to know some or none of the bjj moves, escapes, counters, or am i essentially going to be starting from "scratch" in BJJ aspects. At my dojo we do have some BJJ classes, but i really dont know to much about it. Any suggestions or input for me and if you guys have any suggestions on dojos in the New Jersey/Pennsylvania area let me know. Thanks


"Grappling" is a generalised term that encompasses BJJ, Judo, Wrestling etc, whilst BJJ is purely one of the grappling styles. BJJ is different from Judo, so while it will do little to hinder you Judo skills, the best thing you can do to improve your Judo is do more Judo.

Of course there are overlaps so you wouldn't feel totally lost doing BJJ.

As to becoming a better grappler, I suggest you think about what that actually means to you. Most people looking from their own sports prespective are too quick to dismiss what they have learned and what is still available to them when they feel they are plateauing.

I did 17 years of Judo prior to taking up BJJ full time, and if it wasn't for a variety of injuries etc that forced the change, I probably would have stuck with Judo. Granted I've seen many things in BJJ that I would have never been exposed to in Judo, however the same can be said going the other way (As one BJJ guy said to me "40 standard throws in Judo? We only need to shoot and pull guard! Why waste time?!")

yes you should start BJJ to help your Judo. I'm doing the opposite, I started Judo to help my BJJ. My BJJ is extremely useful in Judo, the main thing to get used to is the different pace of groundwork between the 2 and some slight rule changes. The rules changes will VERY likely not bother you one bit going from Judo to BJJ as all it will mean is you're allowed to do MORE not less.


Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunatly i am forced to train at two different dojos over the course of the year. From late august to early march i go to school @ the college of new jersey near trenton, and we have a club here at school. The instructor is Mike Tusay (a 2nd degree bb from Princeton Judo). In the summer i live in Point Pleasant Beach and I train at the Toms River YMCA under Mr Cook (Red& White Belt), and Mr Harris(Red Belt). I think i might be changing my dojo in the summer to the Brick P.A.L under Andy Ruggerio. I hear the competition is much better and i need to get my ass kicked to get better. Everyone needs to get beat... in order to get better... You from the NJ/PA area



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Thanks again for all of your time and help i really appreciate it