Should I start taking Fish Oils?

I don't eat enough fish, but I've heard of the great benefits of fatty acids from Fish. What sort of health benefits or perfomance increases can I expect from consuming liquid Fish oils?

This month's Grappling mag has a short article on the benefits on them

I like that, was your diet the same or did it change at the same time? I believe you need a lot of fish oil to accomplish anything, sort of impractical.

Cholesterol?!?! DOesn't age have something to do with that kind fo problem?

Gator Man, what was your breakdown, before and after, of LDL and HDL?

Fish oils can provide nothing but benefits, just don't over do them!

I take 1 Tablespoon a day.

My HDL went from 63 to 93 in 2 months. My doctor was shocked, said he had never seen anything like it.

Not saying the increase was due to the cod liver oil, as I was taking it when I got the 63, but it sure as hell didnt hurt me.

extra virgin olive oil will help reduce cholesterol but the idea should be that you replace the "good fats" and reduce your intake of "bad" fats

does it increase cholesterol or not?

i take SALMON oil...

would eat fish, but cant TOLERATE the taste (throw it up)

how much is HEALTHY?

"woild eat fish, but cant TOLERATE the taste (throw it up) "

If you want to keep your girlfriend or wife happy, you've gotta love the taste of fish.

lol @ luckychucky

Me I don't take any supplements. I could do with eating more fish but hey man I'm not the cook in the famnily and eat what is put to eat.


is it necessary to take flax oil and fish oil? how much of each?

how much tuna,salmon would you have to eat to meet optimal needs? thanks.

I told you not to take those fish oil caps, but you did it anyway. You want fish oil, eat some cod once or twice a week or have an extra can of tuna now and then. Very simple. If you do this, you need to lower the intake of your meat. That will balance out your Omega 3 qnd 6 intakes. A problem with fish oil suplements is that they interfer with wound healing, worsen diabetes and impair your immune system. Fish oil supliments are made from fish skin and livers and can contain enviromental contaniments.

How do they impair the immune system?

From what we studies, it is because of the concentrated toxins that they contain. Your body has to now produce antiodies to fight those toxins.

Also, Fish oils contain large amounts of Vitamin's A+D. As you know Vit. A is highly toxic if taken in abundance. It can cause several side affects.

is there any way to get GOOD

BENEFICIAL FISH OILS from supplements or sources other
than fish?

I REALLY can't stand the taste...

I'm it just the fish oil that is "bad" for you? I add olive or flax to my shakes or on this "bad" also?

Gator Man bro,

tried ur way... don't work for me... almost yacked w ery gulp..
no my stomach is on fire cus i had to drown that sh*te in hot
mustard to not waste food.

is there any like "organic" fish oils i can take or somn?

I'll find my stuff on how to make tuna patties. You take tuna, bread crumbs and some seasoning and make burger patties ot it it. Tastes great.
Also, fresh cod wraped in foil with some salt, pepper and lemon slices is great