Should I stick to what I know?

In Sparring I always have like 4 submissions I always work for.

Should I be expanding my submissions or just keep my arsenal to a solid 4/5 submissions.

In Sparring should I be thinking that I should avoid the submissions I know and just go for position and attempting like omaplatas/different chokes i don't normally go for?

use them to set up other subs or sweeps.

i.e. if your good at the triangle when you get a tight one set up an armbar off of it.
if your good at armbars from guard setup the sweep instead. etc...

better to build off strengths rather than rely on them.

4 or 5 submissions seem like enough. I would work on different positions and setups for your strong submissions.

have 4-5 good submissions is great, now you want to have 100 ways to get into each of them and you will be a beast