Should I take Mrs Ned to California or Colorado?

Should I take Mrs Ned to California or Colorado for her birthday? (late September)

California would be Huntington Beach. Stay at the Hyatt, get a nice suite with a fire pit. Prime rib at Captain Jacks in Sunset. My brother lives there. Have an Over friend there as well.

Colorado would be Boulder. Nice hotel there (Boulderado) is all booked :frowning: Beautiful scenery and killer restaurants. Maybe run into a bear while running like last time and get growled at by an elk running away from it.

Not sure…

It’s summer…gotta go surf Cali!

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I was thinking about you today with that Publix shooting. Glad you’re ok

I’m a bit north of there.

Sounds like it was a breakup murder suicide type thing. Awful. Poor woman and kid.

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All set.

Settled on Cali.


Fine then. Whatever.

No rooms at the Boulderado.

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I hated California. Colorado was nice.

I suggest you leave your crocs and tommy bahama at home and grab some chuck taylors and dickies to blend in.

That Hyatt is damn nice. Went there a week after it opened. Did a bunch of blow and went out on balcony, shut door behind me. Door locked us Onto the balcony. I had to yell down to a guy walking by……hey please help us and let front desk know we are locked out. Pile of blow on the table right in front of balcony door. FUCK. Maintenance dude walks in and looks directly at the pile and then locks eyes with me and never looks back. I gave him a 20 and he told us to have a great night.

Late september…Colorado, without a doubt

Elk will be a buglin