Should I Trade In MK:Deception?

I'm leaning towards trading this game in for some store credit.

Why you ask? Because I bought it to play a fighting game, not some fucking dorky as RPG mode that I need to complete twice in order to unlock all the hidden shit.

I don't have the patience for this RPG shit. I'm a big fan of the MK games, but this game just pisses me the FUCK OFF.

The fighting game itself is fun, but the long ass repetitive rpg mode kills it for me.

Talk me out of it. Do it.

wish i still had my blue name.

Geez, it wasn't hard to unlock all the characters. Games like this provide endless fun, especially online.

I traded mine in and put the credit towards GTA:SA. It was worth it.

heyrick aside from the rPG stuff ( i dont care for it) its a cool game tho ?

SS :)