Should I watch Escape from LA?

Escape from NY is one of my all time favorite movies as Snake Plisken is the fucking man!!!

I've put off watching EfLA all these years as I remember seeing the previews of him surfing a tidal wave or some shit and just pretended the movie didn't exist (although the sountrack is fucking incredible).

I DVRd this shit and I'm thinking that I might break and watch this shit.

Should I do it OG? Phone Post 3.0

Go for it. Phone Post 3.0

only if your dressed like this...



Watch it once, but only once. Bruce Campbell has a good cameo.

don't expect it to be anything like the original.

be ready to laugh and you'll have a great time.

Watch. It is shit, but it might entertain you. Original was a GOAT. Phone Post 3.0

Its a fun watch. Is it the original? No. But it's still enjoyable. And who else could take over for Lee other than Keach.

Holy fucking LOL at this ridiculous CGI LOL.

Not as bad as I thought so far. Phone Post 3.0

better than NY

LogProducer - better than NY

Phone Post 3.0

Oh shit, he's entering the world code!


Lmfao at Bruce Campbell as the Surgeon General.

Fucking awesome. Phone Post 3.0


I just realized who the presidents daughter was! She was the hot junkie bitch on My So Called Life. Phone Post 3.0


Just listen to the soundtrack Phone Post 3.0

Oh my fuxking god that movie was fucking terrible LOL.

Funny thing is I like bad movies like Sharknado etc but that shit was god awful.

Fuck that movie. Phone Post 3.0

Movie is great.

They could make a great game out of the original. I want to play original for my boys soon.

Mad max game (although influenced by fury road - not the first 3 ones) is great.

Warriors ps2 was supposed to be great. Phone Post 3.0

did you also notice Louis Skolnick as the skinhead throwing knives into the dead body?



Nitecrawler - Lmfao at Bruce Campbell as the Surgeon General.

Fucking awesome. Phone Post 3.0

Told you