Should Jardine be let go?

Thats his 5th loss in the UFC and he's 2-4 in his last 6 fights...after bitching that the UFC isn't marketing him and they dont want him to get a title shot what are the odds he gets cut? Should he go, or gatekeeper the 205?

Hopefully not.

Definitely not. He'll probably beat a big name fighter in his next fight somehow


He just beat vera. Have him rematch with forrest or something.

Gatekeeper, far from elites at 205!

"Did you really think out this idea?"

Yes I did. 205 is stacked and he has FIVE losses.

He gives guys a good fight, but 2-4 in your last six and not winning a back to back fight in 3 YEARS is good cause to ponder his future, imo.

No. Of course not, that would be stupid.

They will not let him go. Even if he lost 3, 4, even 5 in a row, they dont want names they built in Strikeforce.

I don't think they will let him go. He does, however, need to go back to the drawing board and figure some things out.

UFC's invested a lot of their marketing efforts into him and have given him nothing but high-profile fights. UFCs kinda stuck with him for a while - even if he continues same inconsistent record - because he'd be too big of an asset for another promotion...specifically, Strikeforce, who needs 205s.

Same can be said of Bonnar. They can never let that guy go...he was 1/2 of the most important fight in the history of the UFC.

 hopefully yes

 Yes, but not because of his performance, he should be cut for not coming out as Technoviking.

I really like watching him fight. His chin doesn't seem so great but he comes to fight, has an interesting style and look, and whenever he talks he seems like a really good, bright, and grounded guy.

I don't think he will be cut after this fight. However if his next fight is similar, I would think he'd be cut then. Vera really looked like he was on a completely different level than Jardine tonight.

Fight night undercards until he can finish someone. I respect the guy but his fighting style just annoys the shit out of me. Plus i don't think he fights to finish, hes a point kickboxer.


"Should Jardine be let go?"


Actually checking his record in his last 6 fights he has lost 4, 3 by ko, and his two wins were both by "split decision"

 eh, whatever

he never has done anything for me, really

I never get excited to see him fight

he's put up some good ones against some top guys

and lost horrendously to some

Hell no.