Should Jardine be let go?

ive never liked his fighting style at all. Feels a bit harsh as he seems to be a decent person but his style is so damn ugly, weird and scrappy. Ive always preferred smooth, technical fighters but I can't deny he has earned some good wins through his toughness.

No way, that guy has paid his dues big time. He is one of those guys that's always facing top contenders, no easy fights for that guy.

I dont think he should let go but he should stop getting marquee fights until he can put some wins together. Instead he loses badly, gets anther marquee fights fucks everything up and wins and than loses badly again. He needs to be lower on the card against decent fighters not upper level guys until he can string 2 or 3 wins together. Also I dont think UFC should cut any marketable guys until EA releases there game or strikeforce goes bankrupt becasue htey have to pay all kinds of shit to Fedor

Let Mr. Personality go NOW!!!

Give him some easy wins on the undercard. He's earned it.

Keep him.

This is the UFC -- they won't even think about releasing him until he loses 10 in a row.

No because i enjoy watching him get knocked out and turned into a corpse with rigor mortis.

I found it funny how he mentioned the UFC never tried to market him.
Why do you think that was Keith?
Maybe cause you have to market yourself first so people know who you are & want to see you fight.

Being as bland as my shitty oatmeal breakfast this morning does not cut it in this booming sport.
Were the UFC going to dye your hair blonde and give you a cliche' saying and boom... your a superstar ??

The nipple tweak was funny tho


No he just beat vera soundly.......

Not dropped altogether, but at least dropped to the undercard against a lower caliber of opponent, which is hard to find at 205.

I think Hamill/Jardine is the next logical fight, and that's a tough fight for Keith as well.

No, he's still puts up a good fight most of the time.

JRob7 - No he just beat vera soundly.......




I don't see why this is so crazy of an idea. he's lost twice the amount of fights he's won in the ufc in 3 years.`

He's won 2 fights in 2 YEARS and hasn't finished a fight since December of 2006!

LOL at beating Vera. Come on, he beat Vera by SPLIT decision.

As a matter of fact, both of his victories (in 2 effing years) have been split decisions. Is he tough, hell yes. Is he a good guy, sure.

It's not like he's starching guys left and right, he's just giving them a awkward fight.

 Get this same stupid arguement about Randy.  Just look at the guys he's fought, don't just look at the record.  Jardine, win or lose, always has entertaining fights. 

First of all, it's not stupid to bring this up when the guy is active and is 2-4 in his last 6 fights, hasn't finished an opponent in 3 years and has 2 wins in 2 years.

It's clear he is a tough guy, awkward guy, makes guys look bad, etc. We get that.

Wotan1105 - The Randy arguement isn't the same because the guy left MMA for a year and a half before coming back. That will slow anyone's roll. Before he left he was 3-1 in his last 4 and had victories over Sylvia for the belt and then defended the belt against Gonzaga.

Sorry but that is light years away from being similar to Jardine.

BTW, your GIF work is just sick. Awesome stuff.