Should Karo drop Kos on his head?

Since it appears that Karo will have to wait until TUF 6 is finished to get his title shot, should he go ahead and drop Koscheck on his head now?? Some would like to see Karo fight Jon Fitch next, but me personally, I'd rather see him throw Koscheck all over the octagon! I think this would be a better matchup, as well as an entertaining fight because Koscheck is no question a stud wrestler, so he will be locking up with Karo's judo which will make for an awesome fight!

You know the loss to Diego probably bothers Karo alittle, so I say let him take it out on Koscheck's arrogant ass!

I agree. This would be an amazing fight. I would love see Kos get dropped on his head.

GSP is fighting Koscheck.

they signed GSP to fight Koscheck? I must've missed that. Well that fight makes sense I guess. Looks like it will be Karo vs Fitch unless the UFC decides to feed them some cans instead, in case they decide not to risk both their title contentions by having them fight each other.

lol kos would take karo down guys...

See Karo vs Sherk or Karo vs GSP for more insight into what would happen.

I am a huge fan of Karo but.... Josh Koschek is imo a bad matchup for Karo. Karo is great on top but unfortunately I don't think he would be on top in this match up. Though I could never count Karo out.

If Fitch wins his fight next week on Fight Night, he should fight Karo next for sure. Sucks that the ww title will be on hold for a while, but what can you do? We need good fights in the mean time.

Should Karo punch Kos in the face too?

And what makes you think Kos cant drop Karo on his head?

Just a figure of speech, ese. Randy has said this too.

so kos's double legs will only be good from a fan perspective UNLESS he does something with them, something which many (fairly or no) here have criticized him for not doing enough of?

and the ww picture is one of the most exciting right now, what you talkin bout, willis?

Even in the clinch Koschecks wrestling would dominate Karo, and Im a bigger fan of Karo then Josh. Id say Josh by ground and pound stoppage if he chose to do so. Otherwise the fight would look alot like Josh vs Diego.

Karo better not be put on his back.

As much as I hate to admit it Koscheck probably has the best takedowns in the UFC...maybe even MMA. I think he would be too explosive for Karo. I'm a big fan of Karo, but I don't know about that one. Id say Koscheck by takedown exhibition.

"See Karo vs Sherk"

I think we all know Karo would tool Sherk today. Your GSP example was accurate however.

"Id say Josh by ground and pound stoppage if he chose to do so."

Now it annoys me when people call Kos "the blanket" because he has in fact finished a good share of his opponents so far but none of those guys has been as good as karo on the ground either so while kos should win the take down battle for the most part and karo's guard isnt the best part of his game, i dont think a finish is something kos will get just because he "chooses" to.

Kos is better on the feet and could put karo on his ass at will. Exciting fight.

Last time I checked the whizzer existed in wrestling, so I doubt you will see Karo hit a 4 time all-American , NCAA champ with throw after throw. Watch the GSP-Karo see fight to see how this fight would transition from standing to the ground. More than likely it will be by a Koscheck double leg. I will list the people who have taken Karo down off the top of my head, Sherk, Fickett, GSP, and Burkman even got him down. None of these guys posess Koscheck timing, technique or base in stand up wrestling. Someone list who has managed a takedown on Koscheck while in an MMA match. You won't see Karo hit that whizzer on Koscheck. When he gets in on your hips he is already knocking yoff balance.

"Last time I checked the whizzer existed in wrestling, so I doubt you will see Karo hit a 4 time all-American , NCAA champ with throw after throw"

Exactly, I agree completely. If anything, Karo giving up underhook control to Kos would be his downfall. Where Karo normally feels his strongest (Overhook/whizzer) he would be at his most vulnerable imo.That why I specifically mentioned "Even in the clinch," because most people would assume thats where Karo would have the edge.

Wasa-b, Im a bigger Karo fan than I am a Kos fan but maybe youve seen somehting in Karos ground game that I haven't. I think Karo is awesome and I love watching him fight, but I think that Kos would be too much for him on the ground. I hate to say it, but I think he may be the next welterweight champ. As a matter of fact, I think Serra has a better chance of beating Kos then Hughes does. I know I may get flamed to shit for saying it, but thats what I think. It's just a matter of who he's going to fight, Serra or Hughes for the title.

watch karo vs gsp and remember kos wrestles much better than gsp