Should Karo drop Kos on his head?

Good match up ... tough call.

Both guys have greatly improved their stand up game.  If they stay on their feet, I would give Kos the advantage in the long run because I think that Karo hasn't improved his cardio yet.  At least to the level of Kos, anyway.

If it went to the ground, I believe that it would be Kos that got the takedown, however, he would only end up winning by 'lay and pray' if Karo doesn't get a submission from the bottom.

I guess in the long run - if it went the distance - I would say Kos wins.

I agree with you about Serra's chances of beating Kos over Hughes' chance of doing it. Styles make match ups, and Hughes isn't heavy handed to hurt Koscheck standing(Serra has dropped Karo and GSP), and his usual advantage will more than likely be negated by Koscheck's equal if not better wrestling. I am impressed by Koscheck's ability to level change, but more impressed by his willingness to stick to a gameplan. He know's what wins, and he would rather win a boring fight than lose an exciting one. His mentality reminds me of Bernard Hopkins, doesn't care about the fans booing, just about winning.

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You people are fucking ridiculous with this Koscheck nutriding bullshit.

You really are.

I cant stand the guy personally, but I respect his skills. I stand by evry word Ive typed and Ill bring this thread back later when Im proven right.

kos is a bad match up for karo. once put on his back he has an average guard. nothing that would give kos too much problem.

for awhile ive been thinking that Kos would beat Karo if they faced off... but, honestly, i think Karo honestly might have the advantage if they fought.

ive watched karo's last fights and his hands are way improved and his hands are accurate too.

i know that kos is a better athlete. i know he is better at wrestling than karo is at judo. hell, kos is a better wrestler than many US National Judo Champions are at judo... but, styles make fights and this just might not be the best match-up for Kos. karo fights a lot more wrestlers than Kos does judo/sambo guys.

Yea, Kos beat Diego and Diego beat Karo. but there is no doubt that Karo really went balls out and went 100% after Diego the whole time. Kos v Diego was a match of tactics. nobody pushed anything. If Karo got a shot at Diego again, he would mop him up.

Karo will go right after Kos, throwing the entire kitchen, basement, bathroom, and 2 car garage. it will be a fight of whose instincts are better on that given night--not a fight of who is better at judo or wrestling or who is stronger or has better cardio.

I like both guys a lot. I know both guys. I've trained with both a little bit. I really see that Karo's truly stepping into his own and isn't a guy anybody should look at and think, "he isnt championship material."

karo loses this one ,there no way he gets the thro on Kos ...wrestling baby

Kos is boring.

"Throwing an opponent on his head is illegal according to the NSAC."

No, spiking is illegal. throwing and spiking are not the same.

Kos is a bad matchup for just about anyone. The only style that matches up well with him is someone with an amazing guard and really good strikes.