Should Matt retire if Royce wins?

I think it's really a question of WHEN Royce wins, but some might disagree. Will Matt have any legitimacy left after losing to Royce? He's shit-talking now, but when he can't back it up he'll look foolish. If he keeps fighting after that, I predict a Pete Williams-style decline.

Matt will be around for some time :(

It will be no shame in losing to the greatest UFC fighter ever.

It never stopped the likes of Shamrock, Severn, Kimo etc, etc from continuing in MMA.

Imagine if everyone that has lost to a Gracie stopped fighting? There would be hardly anyone fighting in MMA at all.

Royce is a Reptilian

Yeah, but Shamrock, Severn and Kimo were never the same after Royce manhandled them. I wonder which of Matt's arms Royce is going to bar.

"It never stopped the likes of Shamrock"

God knows I wish it would have.

ttt g&pnate

ttt g&pnate