Should McCorkle get a Mulligan?

I am on the fence.

3 reasons for why and why not

Why Not

1. He gassed in 3 mins, and gave up. He could of got up.
2. He spent ten times more time on here than training.
3. Really, Reggie Warren? It was funny, but who
is laughing now?

Why he should

1. Co-Main in front of 24,000 probably hurt his cardio.
Nerves are real, and they probably played a big part.
2. Struve is a big step up in competition, probably should
of moved a little slower.
3. Blame Canada!!!!!!!!

 1. Wat do you mean a mulligan?  He'll get another UFC fight, it won't be in a premier spot on the card again.

2. Reggie Warren is not funny, I have no idea why the UG pretends it is.  It's awful schtick.  Here's a little secret, McCorkle's management hired Reggie Warren for the weekend for some interwebz buzz.  He's a paid actor.

3. Canada sucks, except for YuckFou who hooked my ass up in the UG Secret Santa.

McCorkle is the mulligan ;-)

 Reg Warren is not funny... get in my guard guy was much better....