Should Pavlik fight Calzaghe?

Pavlik is a huuuge middleweight. I think he'd match up well with Calzaghe.

I'd rather watch this than Calzaghe versus Jones.

And Calzaghe says he only has one fight left in him. But says he may fight again if the right fight is there.

If Pavlik wants him, then he should go for it. He has certainly performed well enough lately to earn a shot.

But even though I like Kelly, this matchup will probably go a lot like Calzaghe-Kessler did IMO.

"LOL Pavlik would win I have no doubt. "

Why is that? You said the same thing about Joe vs Hopkins, Hopkins hit harder therefore he would win.

Sure, why not?

I think Calzaghe beats him. As JT showed, Kelly can have troubles with speed. And unlike JT, Calzaghe doesn't fight in spurts.

But where would they fight? Youngstown or Wales?

Probably Vegas or NY.

I think Calzaghe wants another fight in america.

I'm not sure it would be a good fight. Pavlik manages to look like shit in all his fights, and then still come out winning. If he lost after looking shit, then even a close loss might look like a beating.

From FightNews:

Calzaghe rejects Pavlik fight!

The proposed October 18 superfight between WBC/WBA/WBO super middleweight champ Joe Calzaghe and WBC/WBO middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik appears to be off. "I think it's unlikely," Calzaghe told the South Wales Argus.

"I'm not sure if Pavlik really wants to face me at the moment. He would have little to gain because I believe I would definitely beat him and, with respect to Gary Lockett, I would be a step-up too far for Pavlik." Calzaghe called a clash with Roy Jones Jr. "the right fight for me at the moment."
Friday, June 13 2008

Guess you can't blame Calzaghe....Jones will have to fight in Calzaghe's bach yard, and he's a shell of his former self. Probably more risk at this point fighting Pavlik. I'm sure the Jones/Calzaghe fight will get nice hype and earn them both big paydays.

I hope calzaghe has about 3 or 4 more fights
1st. Against Jones or Whoever
2nd Drop back to super middleweight and beat the crap out of Mundine so he can shut up for a while (5 minutes maybe if were lucky)
3rd. Pavlik at whatever weight they decide
4th. I wouldnt mind seeing someone decent take on Sakio Bika whether he gets beaten or not i dont really care as long as he gets the opportunity to fight someone right up the top im happy

Maybe Pavlik can polish off Arthur Abraham, while waiting for Calzaghe and RJJ to do their business.

"Maybe Pavlik can polish off Arthur Abraham, while waiting for Calzaghe and RJJ to do their business."

I would love to see Pavlik and Abraham hook it up. For whatever reason, it seems that a lot of people in the States are sleeping on Abraham. I would give Abraham more than a decent chance of upsetting Pavlik.

Sounds like Clazaghe might just be a little afraid of Pavlik. Time will tell.

Jones = more $$$$.

Calzaghe is hall of fame bound as it is. I'm sure he would fight Pavlik if he was guaranteed more money than by fighting Jones.

I would have no problem with Calzaghe just deciding to fight Jones instead of Pavlik, but to do so and then suggest that Pavlik doesn't want to fight him is pretty retarded.