Should ref have stopped Oliveira fight at armbar?

Go to the :04 mark. Tony screams out in pain and the armbar was fully locked in.

Screaming in pain is treated as verbal submission if a fighter is in danger.

I think it should have been stopped. Forget how much time was left. Tony screamed in pain and the arm was in danger.

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No way

i didnt hear a scream but if the ref did, yes

ranier wolfcastle - 

i didnt hear a scream but if the ref did, yes


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ranier wolfcastle -

i didnt hear a scream but if the ref did, yes

I hear Tony scream "ahhhhh" right at the :04 min mark of the video.

Right after Rogan says "look whats happening here" Tony says "ahhhh". Not saying it had to be stopped but I can see where some refs would stop that. For sure he was saved by the bell.

It would be hard to complain if the ref did stop it there, that was brutal.

Looks nasty.

I’m glad it wasn’t stopped nor should it be. Things hurt for a second and sometimes a slight move relieves the pressure, not saying that’s the case here but I’m glad it continued .

rogan screaming it’s broken, I will wait to see what the dr’s say but I highly doubt it’s broken, hyperextended and sore as shit today sure.

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Tony is too tough for his own good.

If you scream in pain, ref should stop it.


The refs were already on high alert with several other stoppage decisions on the card that night. Referees also have discretion over the calls they make and in most cases they gave a perspective we arent privey to at that very second. I dont have any problems with any of the stoppages or lack there of last night. The card wind up being better than I thought it was going to be, the prelims and Main card

It would help to hear the audio without the commentary interfering. The Unified Rules would seem to allow a ref to stop a lot of fights where a fighter makes sounds "indicating pain or discomfort." It could conceivably happen after a punch to the solar plexus, a kick to a damaged leg, or any number of situations where a fighter experiences "discomfort."

McCarthy: "I use to tell fighters all the time I will let you grunt, groan or summon the gods of stupid strength with a Arrrggghhhh, but don’t scream out like you just turned into an 8 year old."

Unified rules:

Verbal tap out

ii. Verbal tap out: When a contestant verbally announces to the referee that he or she does not wish to continue or makes audible sounds such as screams indicating pain or discomfort

this thread highlights how poor the ufc commentary team is at shutting their mouths and letting the action tell the story. Not something i normally care about, but the great announcers are always really good at keeping quiet for stretches of seconds to let the action speak for itself. 

![UFC 256: Ferguson v Oliveira : News Photo](upload://44INcty0OTCUevE7y0sfYpjdBTD.jpeg "News Photo : Charles Oliveira of Brazil attempts to submit...")

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Was there confirmed arm damage post-fight?

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When Oliveira tucked that arm under his armpit I thought the arm was going to tear and he would be unable to continue


misha kept fighting, I think adrenaline pushes them forward. tomorrow will be sore I’m sure

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Forest Griffin won a fight with a broken arm. Let them bang bro