should RICCO get title shot vs MIR

since the majority of people see to agree that RICCO would beat MIR .... should he get a shot at the UFC belt???

Yes after he wins a few matches in UFC first

SHIM0RA- I dont really agree, UFC has a pretty damn thin HW class(Kyle? Sims?). Ricco is the former champ and had a good showing in Pride against Mino.

If Ricco returns to UFC and wins 2 fights , convincingly, they could use the whole former champ- bad blood( he dont like Mir none) angle.

Other than Arlovski and Mir hes all they have.

Isn't Ricco coming off of a loss to Pedro Rizzo???

lol, three consecutive losses!!!

I think Mir vs. Ricco would be a great matchup.

"He had ONE good fight in the UFC, ONE! "

How long have you been watching MMA?

His TKOs of Arlovski, Monson, Williams, TK, were not good?

Ricco and Rizzo have both beaten UG darling Arlovski and would probably both beat Mir; certainly both would beat Cabbage.

No way. Mir would own Ricco

Ricco is a fat, arrogant dick who has the stand up skills of an infant.

Let Ricco fight his way back up the ladder, then get a shot.

ricco is losing a bunch latley so no. but he would beat mir

Ricco gave Pride's #2 heavyweight an even fight in which none could do much to the other. He lost his last two fights in the UFC convincingly. So much for that "low UFC-heavyweight talent level" bullshit...

"riccio couldn't even beat off"

Ricco would beat Mir imo.

Ricco is something of an enigma to me. On one hand,he can totally control a fight with guys like Monson and Williams(I don't care what anyone says,neither is a slouch) but then get owned by Sylvia after beating Randy(which, despite the somewhat controversial elbow, was a hell of a comeback). Could he beat Frank? I think they are both excellent grapplers with questionable standup, so I think it could actually be a great fight. Let's see him bend Kyle into a screaming pretzel, then give him a shot at Mir. Why not? He lost the title to Tim(I can't hide my cycle) Sylvia under dubious circumstances, so give him a shot.

But just as a test, he should be required to speak for five minutes without mentioning himself. j/k

Who thinks Ricco would beat Mir?

I have said it before. Ricco and Mir have very similar fighting styles, with Ricco being less exciting though. Both have about the same striking ability. I think Mir's is more polished but he not as powerful as Ricco's.

They are very close in skill. I would think that Ricco is a better overall grappler though. I think the fact that Mir would probably end up grappling with Ricco would totally play into Ricco's game.

IMO Ricco gets the takedown passes guard and either submits Mir(Cause Mir opens up and trys subs which can make it easier to be subbed) or gets the lay n pray dec. People don't give Ricco the respect he deserves. He took Nog to a dec and arguably won that fight.

I totally think Ricco would win over Mir.

Zuffa make it happen.

ricco is on the comeback trail

wait and see

mir or andre or tim will falllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

"I have said it before. Ricco and Mir have very similar fighting styles, with Ricco being less exciting though."

Ricco's Pride fights were awful, but all of his fights in the UFC were exciting except for the Rizzo one. He's also the only HW I've seen do a cartwheel guard pass.

I think Mirs sub game would prove to be more effective.
While I think Ricco more well rounded, Mir obviously has that killer instict when it comes to finishing a sub. Like when Ricco had the arm of Sylvia he let it go(got spiked) Mir went for the arm and wasnt going to let it go for anything.