should RICCO get title shot vs MIR

Ricco has some of the best cardio in the sport. He came on strong in the last rds. vs. couture when Randy gassed and easily wen't the distance with Mino. Mirs cardio is notoriously bad so unless he gets a quick sub (Which would be very unlikly against Ricco) he would gas out. I think Ricco would take this by strikes from the top in Rd. 2. Ricco is also a much more accomplished grappler which is Mirs bread and butter.

Ricco's armbar on Sylvia was slick but he let go when he got slammed. It was textbook and IMO a lot cleaner than Mir's but obviously Sylvia had the successful escape with the slam.

4 what my answers fuck no.arlovski is gonna clean house when he is done getting fucked around,and gets his title shot.

From: max power
Date: 06/21/04 10:40 PM
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ricco is losing a bunch latley so no. but he would beat mir

so ur saying he ca n beat the chaqmp but he doesnt deserve a title shot??what does that say about the heavweight champ????

Arvloski gets first shot no doubt about it he earned it and should have the title around his waste right now if not for cabbage declining the title fight because of his reefer habit.