Should the #3 be used again NASCAR

Good article about it. I would LOVE to see Dale or Kevin driving the black #3 around the track in the future. I still remember when the tragic accident happened and where I was when I heard the news. Seeing that car back on the track would be great, but only if you had the same type of driver behind the wheel that Dale was. I think Harvick would be great since he has that fire in him and is not afraid to mix it up. Little E would be great also.

What/Who do you think?

Definetly not.

I don't think it should be used again, just out of respect, if anyone where to use it, it would have to be junior and just as a one time thing or something like at the Daytona for one race

I don't think anyone will use that number again, and if some other then an Earnhardt decides to, i don't think they will last too long on the track

Then we must make sure they never use Fireball Robert's number and every other driver who's won a championship and died driving.

That way we will start seeing triple digit numbers at nascar.

Ponyboy: I agree with you there. There are a bunch of drivers that have died racing and I think that if you are to retire Dale's number then you have to retire theirs as well.

wouldn't surprise me if theresa earnhardt or dei puts a kabosh on the 3 being used again.

that would hurt their sales.