Should the Cards retire Tillmans #

Your thoughts on this. Should the Cardinals retire Pat Tillman's # to honor their most famous player since...well...Neil Lomax?

I'm not sure they should and have not heard that they are planning to or anything. Just wondering.

I would say yes.

Do you think they will?

Probably, everything I've seen/read/heard indicates that the entire organization thought he was a class guy and had great respect for him.

Just heard on ESPN news that Arizona St. & the Cards are retiring his #. Plus the Cards are naming the area around their new stadium something after him.

One of the guys on PTI today said the Hall of Fame should induct him with this year's class. Not sure what to think of that.

I don't know about the HOF, but retiring his jersey would be a suitable move, especially since he was an Arizona guy through and through.


Pat Tillman, and all the others who have died to protect our freedom, are already in a better place than the NFL Hall of Fame.

TTT for American Heroes.

Neil Lomax?WTF?

Yes they should retire it.I actually feel proud to have worn the #40 now.He is a Hero.